Saturday, September 4, 2010

Deer Exchange Helps the Less Fortunate!

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From the Nebraska Game and Parks Board of Commissioners:

LINCOLN, Neb. - Hunters again will be able to provide deer meat to anyone willing to accept it, thanks to a Nebraska Game and Parks Commission program.

Nebraska has an ample deer population, as well as many hunting opportunities. The Deer Exchange is designed to accommodate the additional harvest of deer. Hunters who have filled their freezers may still bag a deer and have somewhere to take the meat.

Deer Exchange participants may register by visiting, and then selecting Hunting, Programs, and then the Deer Exchange Program link.

Here is how the free program, which runs through March 1, 2011, works: Donors and recipients of deer meat register, search a database for participants in their area, and then make contact by telephone to set up the transfer of deer meat. Deer meat may not be sold.

The recipient may accept field dressed deer, skinned and boned deer, or wrapped and frozen deer meat. The donor is responsible for properly field dressing and checking the deer before transfer.

Game and Parks is not responsible for the quality of the meat or failure of the donor or recipient to follow through with the transfer. The agency provides the necessary transfer cards online.

Other benefits of the program include:

-- Venison is a good source of protein in a diet.

-- The interaction increases communication between hunters and non-hunters.

-- Opportunities exist to recruit new hunters.

Jerry Kane

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