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Keep Nebraska Clean: Dispose of Litter

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Keep Nebraska Clean: Dispose of Litter

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission forwarded the following to me:

As fall approaches, the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission reminds hunters and anglers to act responsibly and avoid littering. Disposing of litter is a way everyone may gain a sense of ownership of Nebraska's outdoors. Nebraskans can ensure future generations will have clean hunting lands, parks and waters to enjoy.

Litter is unsightly, pollutes water and landscape, and can be fatal to fish and wildlife. In addition, hunters and anglers who litter on private, walk-in-only sites risk having landowners remove their acres from access programs. The following are some suggestions from Game and Parks for keeping land and water clean:

  • Leave only your footprints - Properly discard trash when camping, fishing, hunting, or hiking.
  • Parks have trash containers, but the lack of a container in a more remote spot is no reason to litter - pack it out with you.
  • Recycle trash - Take the aluminum cans, plastic bottles and paper home with you to recycle.
  • Recycle fishing line - Bins specifically designated for these purposes are located at many eastern Nebraska lakes and sporting goods stores.
  • Reuse - Do not leave spent shotgun shells behind. Consider reloading them.
  • Pick it up - If you see trash, pick it up and dispose of it. Take a plastic garbage bag with you when you visit a park or lake and clean up what you can.
  • Set an example - Doing any of the above items will set a good example. Maybe someone will notice and help. And don't forget to teach children why they should not litter.

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