Monday, July 13, 2009

Hunting Turkey: Merriam's in Nebraska

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We have had a very nice article posted about our Merriam Turkey hunting programs and the success of one of our regular clients, Mr Todd Ried, by Albert over at The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles.

Hunting Trophy Turkey: Merriam's in Nebraska covers some information about all six turkeys found in North America, and also talks about Todd's melanistic Merriam's turkey. Talk about a great trophy!

A little known fact is that Nebraska Fish and Game stocked Merriam's turkeys in the late 1950s:

"The modern history of wild turkeys in Nebraska began in 1959 with the release in the Pine Ridge of 28 Merriam's turkeys trapped in South Dakota and Wyoming. Although Merriam's are not native to Nebraska, the release succeeded, and the Pine Ridge population grew to about 3,000 birds in only four nesting seasons."

The history of turkey hunting and the efforts to bring them back again in Nebraska is one of the most interesting stories in wildlife management. We will be covering more of it in greater depth in the future.

J Scott Croner
Nebraska Hunting Company

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